When (approximately did modern humans first appear? Where did the transition take place?

Please follow the prompts given, there are 2 writing requirements. Part 1 needs to be 3 paragraphs with 6 sentences each.  Part 2 only needs to be 2 paragraphs with 6 sentences each; I will write the remaining paragraph. Include MLA format for works cited.   You have a whole week to submit the work and all sources are given in the attached document. Do not take on the assignment if you cannot use the given sources. Understanding Modern Human Origins After reading Chapter 11 and Module 11 as well as reviewing the Discussion Essay Requirements, respond to the following: Essay 1 (Due May 13): Describe and compare the views of human origins:  regional continuity model, the replacement model, and partial replacement models.  The authors of the textbook on page 284, pose 4 basic questions (see below) that get at the origins of modern humans.  Answer these questions with the evidence presented and conclude which model is best supported by the fossil record and other evidence. When (approximately did modern humans first appear? Where did the transition take place? Did it occur in just one region or in several? What was the pace of evolutionary change? How quickly did the transition occur? How did the dispersal of modern humans to other areas of the Old World (outside of their area of origin) take place? -Each essay is to be a minimum of 3 paragraphs and each paragraph is to have at least 6 sentences. -All ideas, definitions, etc require citations within the body of the essay. You need to cite more than quotations. Required are citations from both textbook and module. In a separate posting, Essay 2 : Next select one of the 15 Related Exhibits from the last chapter Culture of the documentary Becoming Human linked to in Module 11.  Give the title and summarize the exhibit.  Then explain how this information helps us understand modern humans. Becoming Human – http://www.becominghuman.org/node/interactive-documentary Textbook: Essentials of Physical Anthropolgy 9th Edition; Jurmain, Kilgore, and Trevathan Here are the links to the Power Points for all of the chapters for reference. http://learning.hccs.edu/faculty/robert.marcom/anth2301/slides-for-textbook-chapters

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