What is effective change management system? 2. How Project manager can understand change and the system that can manage it?

MSc. Portfolio Project Management Systems MOD002402 Referred Assignment 2 – July 2015 Project Change Rationale Changes to a project are inevitable, but the success of the project often comes down to how well the project manager dealt with these. An effective change management system is important to achieve this, so it is important that project managers understand change and the systems that can manage it. Task Critically discuss the effects of changes on a project and discuss the characteristics of an effective change management system. Marking criteria Critical discussion of the effects of change on the project 40% Quality of the discussion of a change management system 50% Quality of the paper 10% Submissions report format and must be typed A4, 12pt double-spaced, with an appropriate cover sheet bound in a plastic envelope/folder. Submissions should be in the order of 1500 words. Work must be fully referenced in accordance with the Harvard system where appropriate. Submission date: As notified on E vision

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