What are the characteristics of good programs? How can an assessment identify these qualities? posts Re:Module 1 DQ 1

What are the characteristics of good programs? How can an assessment identify these qualities?Program evaluation is important in making sure that the mission is being achieved in the best possible way. In order to evaluate a program it is important to have identified the characteristics of the program that make it successful. Some of the characteristics that make a program good would be things such as; maintaining the predicted budget, meeting the goals that have been developed based in the mission of the program, and providing the best services possible. As discussed by Cryan and Martinek (2017), staff training and attitude are also vital. The better the staff training and morale of the staff members the more likely it is that the program is achieving their goals. In order to do this assuring that staff members are provided with the best trainings can help to increase morale, along with incentives for achieving these goals. Regarding program evaluation Chyung (2014) stated that, largely influenced by Michael Scriven’s (1991a) definition of evaluation, I define program evaluation as the systematic collection and analysis of information about the process and outcomes of a program in order to make improvements or judgments about the quality or value of the program. Collecting data at the request of the key stakeholders can help to assess and identify the qualities of the program to ensure it has these characteristics.Chyung, S. (. (2015). Foundational Concepts for Conducting Program Evaluations. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 27(4), 77-96. doi:10.1002/piq.21181Cryan, M., & Martinek, T. (2017). Youth Sport Development Through Soccer: An Evaluation of an After-School Program Using the TPSR Model. Physical Educator, 74(1), 127-149. doi:10.18666/TPE-2017-V74-I1-6901

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