HLTEN 513B Version 1G:TAFESHCTeaching and TrainingHealth ServicesNursingDiploma of Nursing2012Unit OutlinesHLTEN513BassessmentDiploma of NursingHLTEN 513B- IMPLEMENT & MONITOR CLIENTS WITH CHRONIC PROBLEMS ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT FOR STUDENTS REPEATING THE SUBJECTAssessment Task- case study – 100%Word limit- 1500-2000 words? Write about a patient who is suffering from PAGETS DISEASE OF THE BONE? Write about the full disease condition, pathophysiology, medical management & nursing interventions by using nursing process? Only peer review journal articles or books must be used with a minimum of five references. These must not be older than seven years.? Submit the paper work to me when you complete your assignment via TURNITINGUIDELINES FOR PREPARING A CASE STUDY1. Ensure you submit your assignment on time, late penalties may apply for the late submission2. Use your creativity style of preparing the case study (attaching the interesting photos or pictures, images from the literatures )3. Find out any latest interesting research done on the topic that you have selected, include wide variety of resources in literature review.4. References or citations should appear throughout the text wherever applicable and at the end of the assignment a reference lists should be provided.5. Harvard style of referencing must be used, all pictures, graphs etc must also be referenced throughout your work.6. Ensure that you use at least five peer review journals or books that are no older than seven years.7. Check for spelling and grammar8. Follow the assignment guidelines – formatting – margin size- 1cm from both left and right side of the page, double spacing, font style- Arial, Size- 11Document Preview:

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