How often do you receive support from outsiders and family members when they visit you in your home?

Respond to two colleagues and explain how their assessments support the NASW Code of Ethics (2008). Include two values and/or guiding principles to support your explanation.Colleague 1: GradnetteMagda is an 81-year-old widow, she lives 30 minutes away from her son, John and her daughter-in-law, Helen. Six months ago, Magda appeared to be self-sufficient which means she was able to take care of her daily needs without the support of others. Recently, she experienced an incident where she fell and broke her hip. During her incident a tragic discovery was found that she had early signs of dementia. Since the incident Magda has been unable to care and provide for herself. She has had several caretakers; a church member of her son and daughter-in-law, Helen, and her grandson, Alec. Her daughter-in- law, Helen is the lead caretaker which means she takes on majority of the responsibility for caring after Magda. Outside of Helen, her son Alec insisted on helping her take on the responsibility for caring after Magda. Instead of properly caring for Magda, he causes her health to worsen as he misused her medication, robs her during several occasions, and leaves her unattended for a long period of time. After the incident; Helen had to go in to help Magda recuperate from the damage caused by Alec careless motives. As of now Magda only income is the support she receives from John and Helen. There have not been any signs of injuries to report from Alec living with Magda. It appears as Magda is aware of her surroundings and as of now Helen is her only care taker.The original assessment involving Helen and Magda.The original assessment will consist of implementing a two month; twice a week family counseling session involving Helen and Magda. During the first session; I will have each participant state their feelings towards one another. Afterwards, I will have Helen state her thoughts towards caring for Magda. Once she gets done, I will have Magda discuss her feelings and thoughts towards Helen being her care provider. After hearing and documenting all discussion; I will next put in place a treatment plan whereas Helen responsibility for caring for Magda can be convenience. During the treatment plan; I will educate Helen on the responsibilities of caring for elderly. I will also recommend her to take some educational courses which will further educate her on caring for Magda along with the funding available. Next, I will educate Magda on the guidelines, responsibilities, and anxieties of a caregiver. I will also educate Magda on several agencies which provides support with medication and proper care. Afterwards, I will ask for Magda’s consent to conduct further research to see if she is eligible to receive senior assistance; if so, I will refer her to a home care agency. Overall, her compliance to this treatment plan will help take the burden and stress off Helen and the family.Questions I will Ask Magda:1. How would you consider your overall physical well-being and health?2. How much social support you receive from your family? Do your family fulfills your needs when you need someone to talk to or transportation?3. How often do you receive support from outsiders and family members when they visit you in your home?4. How are you able to perform everyday activities? Do you need any support to fulfill your everyday activities?5. Are you able to move around within your home and community without supervision?6. Can you complete your own house chores, prepare your own meals, and complete your own laundry?7. Are you able to take care of your own appearance without the support of others?8. How often do you take your medication? How many different kinds of medication do you take? What are the names of your prescribed medication?

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