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(Get Answer) – W5a | Education homework help  For this benchmark, you will complete and revise the “Science Unit Plan” template, integrated with health and activity, (fitness, body, physical, emotional, motor skills) and aligned to state content standards, based on feedback from your instructor. The “Science Unit Plan” template includes developed lesson titles, summary and rationale, learning objectives, standards, instructional strategies, differentiation, materials, resources, and technology for five lessons that includes a minimum of two of the following content disciplines: Scientific MethodHealth (Human Movement, Activity, Fitness, Emotional Health, Motor Skills) Physical ScienceLife ScienceEarth ScienceSpace ScienceEngineering, Technology, and Applications of SciencePart 1: AssessmentsThe final part of the “Science Unit Plan” is to include formative evidence-based assessment strategies to gauge student learning for each individual lesson.Using the “Class Profile,” develop an end-of-unit summative assessment andList how you will formatively assess the learning for each lesson.Description of the summative assessment for the entire unit.The completion of your “Science Unit Plan” should fulfill all requirements of the unit plan and considerations for the successful instruction of each lesson.Ensure that your unit plan includes:Age-appropriate lessons that incorporate the fundamental concepts of multiple areas of science, based on your state standards, integrated to build student understanding for personal and social application in science.Integrate major concepts in health education by creating opportunities for development and practice of skills that contribute to positive understanding of physical activity and health education. Instructional strategies that promote understanding and skills of physical activity that foster active, healthy lifestyles and enhanced quality of life for students. Part 2: ReflectionIn 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the process of creating a cohesive, weeklong unit plan that successfully incorporates multiple areas of science integrated with health. What strategies can you use to create opportunities to promote health education that positively contributes to a good quality of life for students? Why is this important? How can this be incorporated into your future classroom?Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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