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(Get Answer) – Psy-357-lifespan development | Social Science homework help I need the following discussion questions in 250 words each. Please include each answer with its references.MODULE 1DQ1In your own words, define systematic, naturalistic, and structured observations. Describe the limitations of each. Are there certain behaviors that might be difficult to observe? Why? Give an example of that behavior.MODULE 2DQ1Assessment DescriptionReproduction has always been considered by the courts to be a basic human right. There are legal requirements to obtain a license before one can get married, or even go fishing, but not for having children. Is having children a basic right for all people? Is there any justification for regulating reproduction (e.g., people who abuse the children they already have or heavily addicted substance users who have no plans to quit while pregnant)? What ethical issues does this topic raise?MODULE 3DQ1Assessment DescriptionResearch shows that corporal punishment is endorsed more in the United States than in European countries, with almost 25% of U.S. parents supporting its use. Is the use of corporal punishment necessary when raising children? Why or why not? Where is the line between physical abuse and corporal punishment?MODULE 4DQ1Assessment DescriptionResearch suggests that when we increase extrinsic motivation to learn, we may actually decrease intrinsic motivation. What does this say about parents “paying for grades?” Should parents ever offer extrinsic rewards for good grades?MODULE 5DQ1Assessment DescriptionWhat physical changes occur in adolescence that mark the transition to a mature young adult? How do physical changes that occur during this time impact an adolescent’s psychological development? What role do parents, teachers, mental health professional, and medical professionals have in assisting throughout these changes?MODULE 6DQ1Assessment DescriptionSome cultures and religions have formal rites of passage that mark when an adolescent becomes an adult. Discuss what “rites of passage” are common to adolescents in the United States. Are there any that are nearly universal?MODULE 7DQ1Assessment DescriptionDiscuss the physical changes that take place in middle adulthood and explain how these detriments may be offset.MODULE 8DQ1Assessment DescriptionThe Terry Schiavo case raised several ethical issues about death education, including living wills and euthanasia. Weigh in on this particular case and justify your position.DQ2Assessment DescriptionWhat changes occur in information processing as people age? How do these changes relate to everyday life?READING RESOURCESHuman Development: A Life-Span ViewKail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2018). Human development: A life-span view (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781337554831

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