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(Get Answer) – Project report | Computer Science homework help   Requirements:1 Building Application: No restrictions on the technology you can use any technology that meets the requirements)2 SQA Plan (SQA_Plan_Template_Long)3 Requirement specification (SQA requirement template)4 Software design document (Software Design Document)5 Implementation plan (Implementation_plan_template)The Documentation should contain the following:• Project schedule document• Requirements Specification Documents• Software Design Document• System Implementation Plan• SQA Plan• Risk Management• Testing documents Unit testing, black box testing usability testing performance testing• SQA Test Case Report• Calculate Halstead’s volume calculation• Zipped source codewhat to submit ?1. Zip the code (project) into a single file named surname(s)_CWK2_code.2. Prepare a README file containing the name (or names) of the students and their specific contributions, and any specific instructions for installation/configuration/ that are needed for your website, and for technical documentation.3. A Power Point presentation containing a summary of the work and snapshots of the developed website Please find attached templates 

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