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(Get Answer) – Musi200 1000 word paper | Applied Sciences homework help Choose two excerpts of a concert, one of a pop or rock concert from modern times and one of a performance of Baroque music. (This performance would by necessity be a performance of Baroque music performed in modern times.) Each excerpt should be approximately 10 minutes in length. After viewing the concert excerpts, construct a comparison of these two concerts. Did you enjoy the concerts? If so, why? If not, why not? How does the music differ between the Baroque era and now? How is the music similar? How does the role of concerts differ between the Baroque era and now? What types of people attended concerts in the Baroque Era? Who attends concerts now? Why do people attend concerts? How do new technologies, such as digital media and the internet, change the ways we experience music? This paper should be 750-1000 words in length. This paper should be written in paragraph form using complete sentences with a clear introduction and conclusion. In addition to these elements, please be sure to fulfill the Requirements for Writing Assignments (below), including citing all sources (including the concerts) both in the body of the text and in a reference page. Please note that MLA is the standard citation style in the humanities. It is not necessary to upload your chosen video clips with the submission of your paper, however the links should be cited in the body of the text and in your reference page.Concert Resources  Here are some resources to find Baroque music concerts online or live concerts in your area. Internet searches are another way to find live Baroque music where you live. YouTube Gardner Museum SymphonyCast from American Public Media  BBC Radio WGBH Radio Archival Recordings of the National Arts Centre Orchestra Keeping Score, San Francisco Symphony CONTENT   – Content applies to subject matter.   – Demonstrates knowledge and comprehension of major issues and concepts.   – Content reflects the use of analysis, synthesis, and comparison.   – Major points are stated clearly and are developed and supported by specific details, examples, research, or analysis. ORGANIZATION   – Response has an organized and logical structure with an introduction and conclusion.   – Smooth sentence and paragraph transitions.   – Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. MECHANICS – Any material referenced is properly cited with citations in MLA format.   – For papers submitted as attachments, formatting should be double-spaced with margins no more than 1 inch. Please use 10 or 12 pt. fonts.    

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