(Get Answer) – Leadership in healthcare organization | Nursing homework help

(Get Answer) – Leadership in healthcare organization | Nursing homework help  Complexity TheoryComplexity theory is an emerging organizational theory that is being adapted by today’s nursing professionals in place of more traditional theories.Compare and contrast the Complexity Theory with a minimum of three additional traditional organizational theories covered in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Analyze the complexity theory from the perspective of leadership, management, and followership roles in a nursing manager setting. Justify your analysis of each perspective with solid professional nursing examples that promote quality patient care in a diverse patient population.Assignment Requirements:should be at least 4 pgs (not including title page, Abstract, and References page)Follow APA guidelines  This should include proper formatting of in-text citations and resources listed on the References page.Include an additional minimum of 2-3 outside resources, of which two resources must be peer-reviewed resources obtained through the library database 

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