(Get Answer) – layout decisions | Operations Management homework help

(Get Answer) – layout decisions | Operations Management homework help Prepare at least two pages to write about A and B topics, one page for each: (A) Layout decisions affect a wide range of facilities, from factories, supermarkets, offices, department stores, and warehouses, to malls, parking lots and garages, and kitchens. Layout is also important in the design of some products such as the interiors of automobiles and the arrangement of components inside computers and other electronic devices. Select three different items from this list, or other similar items, and explain for each what the four or five key considerations for layout design are. Make sure that you support your answers with research (APA format) (B) What trade-offs are involved in deciding to have a single large, centrally located facility instead of several smaller, dispersed facilities? Who needs to be involved in this decision? And, how can technology facilitate an optimal decision in the present circumstance? Visit the web and identify an organisation that made similar decisions. If you can, tell us how they made the decision. 

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