(Get Answer) – Detailing your experience in psychiatric nursing in virginia and

(Get Answer) – Detailing your experience in psychiatric nursing in virginia and  Detailing your experience in psychiatric nursing in Virginia and explaining why you want to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. How have your life and professional experiences prepared you for the  PMHNP program? How can the  PMHNP program prepare you to deliver mental health care to the community in which you live?  Please describe the type of clinical practice you will pursue upon graduation from the  PMHNP program (e.g. outpatient psychiatric practice, inpatient psychiatric practice, substance abuse treatment, etc).How can your future clinical practice as a PMHNP affect the quality and cost of care for patients and their families? Describe your interest in the specific program concentration to which you are applying.  How do you see the Master’s program helping you meet your career goals?How have your past experiences and life challenges, both personal and professional, prepared you for success in this program and future advanced practice nursing role?  Give a specific example.Describe an interaction in a team setting in which there were differences of opinion about the appropriate course of action.  How did you handle this?  What was the outcome?  What did you learn?Entering an academic program often impacts your work-life balance.  Describe the time management strategies that will enable you to successfully meet your goals.   

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