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(Get Answer) – Bmgt 380 final project | Accounting homework help    Final Project – Project 2 (20 points/20%)% – due FRIDAY, 10/11 by1:59 pm ET, week 8  Assignment      I’m Done          Due October 11 at 11:59 PM     Final Project – Project 2 – 20% Due FRIDAY of Week 8, 11:59 pm ETThis course officially  ends Sunday, 11:59 pm ET, week 8.  The project can be accepted late  until the official course ending on Sunday, 11:59 pm ET, with the usual  late submission penalty, as per the Late Policy posted in Content.   There is no grace period for submitting work beyond 11:59 pm ET, Sunday,  week 8.  Submit to Assignment Folder.PurposeThe purpose of this project is to  reflect on, analyze and apply tort law, product liability law, agency  and contract law, and their potential risks and liabilities in a  business. The project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues  and to make recommendations.You will also develop skills in critical thinking to create an in-depth comprehensive analysis.The project relates to the concepts  covered in weeks 1-7.  You should refer to assigned materials in earlier  weeks of the course, including Instructor Notes.Outcomes Met by Completing this Assignment:recommend appropriate actions in the  business environment based on an understanding of sources of law,  substantive legal concepts, legal process and procedure, and available  remediesanalyze contractual rights, obligations, liabilities, and remedies in the business environmentanalyze tort rights, obligations, liabilities, and remedies in the business environment Background:  The GC owners are  meeting with TLG in final consultations before GC opens business  operations.  The purpose of these final meetings is to identify the:areas of business law presenting the greatest potential risk and liabilities for GC; andareas of business operations vulnerable to potential risks and liabilities for which GC should seek legal counsel.Winnie and Ralph have asked you to  provide a report that presents your reflections and recommendations  based on your research and analysis during the past seven weeks of TLG’s consultation with the GC owners.   Instructions:The report will have two (2) parts.Part I.  Risks and LiabilitiesA.  Analyze and discuss two  (2) areas of business law that present the greatest potential risks and  liabilities for the GC business, from among these areas:Negligence related to any business operationsNegligence related specifically to premises liabilityStrict product liability related to the use of EPI products for GC servicesStrict product liability related specifically to the resale of EPI productsContracts with employeesContracts for the sale of goods with clientsAgency law and contracts with any GC agentsFor EACH of the two (2) areas of the law selected from the above list, you must:(1).   Provide a background explanation of the area of law, e.g., negligence,  contracts for the sale of goods, etc. (be detailed and specific so any  reader can understand the meaning of the specific area of law)(2).  Analyze and explain the specific potential risks and liabilities presented by the area of law and why and how each area of law creates vulnerability for GC(3).  Provide a specific example of why and how the potential risks and liabilities could arise for each area of law for the GC businessMinimum of 3 paragraphs for EACH of the two areas of risks and liabilities you choose to discuss (total of 6 paragraphs, minimum)Citations requiredPart II.  Legal CounselDuring the past eight weeks, we have  discussed and emphasized the importance of the GC owners seeking  business advice from TLG and the importance of GC –  and every business  –  seeking legal counsel from an attorney for various aspects of  business operations.  In Part II, you are to reflect on your  experience in consulting with the GC owners, your research and  analysis, and make the following recommendations.  A.  Evaluate and explain why  you recommend that the GC owners seek legal counsel with an attorney for  any  – or all – aspects of its business operations, i.e., contract  writing, procedures to protect against negligence risks, recruitment  policies, etc. Explain and support the rationale for  your recommendation specifically, in detail and comprehensively, using  examples, personal experience(s), etc. Consider specific areas of business operations for which it is particularly important to seek legal counselNote:  There is no single correct answer; the detailed, specific rationale and support for your recommendation is most important.  It is not necessary to cite to  resources in Part II for your personal opinion, but you must include a  citation each time you do use information from a specific resource  (i.e., from assigned course materials) to support your conclusions.  Minimum of 3 paragraphsFormatReportTO:  Winnie James, Ralph AndersFROM: (your name)RE:      GC risks and liabilitiesPart I. Risks and LiabilitiesA.  Business risk #1(1)(2)(3)A.  Business risk #2(1)(2)(3)Part II.  Legal Counsel

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