(Get Answer) – Arth101—creation stories in early civilization

(Get Answer) – Arth101—creation stories in early civilization ESSAY PROJECT #2: Creation Stories in Early CivilizationAll early civilizations regardless of the continent attempted to explain how the Earth and mankind were formed. Within this essay, select two (not from European origin) civilizations from your studies and discover their creation story. In your writing, provide a summary of each civilizations creation story, and locate specific artwork examples (including identifying data, such as titles or source references) to include throughout your essay. Finally, conclude your writing with how these creation stories compare to your own ideas of how this Earth and its inhabitants were created.Length must meet at minimum three (3) pages.Please note: The full length of written content MUST be three pages long, not including any author information (such as written in the upper right by MLA style)Provide three (3) sources for your entry minimum.Wikipedia and other non-academic websites will not be accepted for this criteria.Acceptable sources located from the following:their textbookAcademic and scholarly journalssmarthistory.orgMuseum websites – such as those linked on this page: http://www.artcyclopedia.com/museums-us.htmlThe sources above are merely suggestions of where credible sources could be found, and should not be mistaken as always acceptable. Please use proper academic discretion to determine if your source is appropriate. If you have any questions regarding this, please review this website: or speak with your local librarian.Cite academic articles, books, or other research at sources of your conclusions.Citations may be written in APA or MLA style. Refer to the Ivy Tech Writing Guide for examples of citations commonly used.In-text citations and a full resource(s) citation must be included.See the citation resources in “Resources” area for information specific to art citations.Thoroughly address all aspects of the prompt.Use proper terminology as presented in the textbook.Plagiarism: Please review the syllabus statement regarding academic honesty and plagiarism. This assignment will be graded with a rubric. You should be able to see the rubric when you access the assignment’s submission area. Please review the rubric and ensure that your submission meets the standards of the assignment before submitting.

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