Examine the concepts of heteronormativity and homophobia and cisnormativity and transphobia to gain an understanding of how trans youth are influenced by these factors.

Watch the film “Gun Hill Road” (available on Netflix) and write a comprehensivebiopsychosocial about Michael. This will include a diagnostic assessment for Michael, so youranalysis of the information you’re presenting should be present throughout, as should ademonstrated understanding and a critical analysis of the diagnostic criteria. Yourbiopsychosocial assessment should include the following:!I. Identifying data (age, race, gender, sexual orientation, employment, housing, school, etc.),family background and developmental history, social environment, legal issues, substance usehistory, medical history, psychiatric/mental health history, any relevant diagnoses for Michael.!II. Remember that many diagnoses are the subject of controversy; we have reviewed multipleperspectives concerning the origins and treatment of diagnoses related to trans people. Addressthis from your own perspective, and make a case for your diagnosis (or for not diagnosing, if youchoose to do so). Potential diagnoses should be considered from all categories of the DSM-5,not just related to gender and sexuality.!III. Contextualize the character’s experience within relevant macro and micro systems, within thesociopolitical climate of the time, and societal issues such as racism, sexism, class, heterosexism,cisnormativity.!IV. Conclude with a brief treatment recommendation. What kinds of services do you thinkMichael would benefit from, therapeutically or otherwise? If you were providing therapy forMichael, what do you think would be the appropriate modality and/or focus for treatment?

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