Differentiate between marketing strategy and tactical marketing planning;

 Strategic Marketing: Business Futures Assessment Year 3Student GuidelinesThis work forms part of the assessment for a core module on your programme. It is worth 20% of the overall mark for the module and should be 800 words its purpose is to help you relate the academic content of the module to the workplace and prepare for the process of getting a job when you graduate.The assessment is in the form of a learning log which is a diary for students to record the progress of their learning and integrate their experience and career aspirations with academic learning. In the log you will be able to draw on your own experience of recruitment and career planning activities as well as the material covered in the module. It provides a record of the way your thinking about your future employment prospects and the work you do on your course develops as you participate in the activities organised in the Business Futures weeks and other parts of your programme. As part of the log, you will be asked to reflect on your experiences and consider your own skills and attributes and how you can develop them to improve your chances of securing a graduate job when you graduate. You will also be able to draw on your experience of a work placement or part-time job and link your writing to the content of the module. You will find resources on the Business School Core page such as the Interview Simulator, CV builder, and skills analysis which you can use to help you. The log can cover: career planning, research on an organisation of your own choice and its recruitment practices, analysis of your own skills, labour market research, work experience, relevant professional qualifications, and the use of social media to get a job.Making log EntriesYou will be required to make log entries during the year between 3rd November 2014 and 6th February 2015. You will need to attend at least 2 activities organised in each Futures week – 3rd-7th November, 12th-16th January, and write up your reflections on the experience. The word guidelines are approximate and you may go up to 10% above the number of words suggested.Log FormatPart Log EntryLearning Log Reflect on your own employability. What kind of career path do you wish to pursue and what do you need to do to improve your chances of attaining a graduate level job at the end of your degree? How can you relate the academic topics you cover in your module to your future employment? For example, what impact is the changing business environment having on determining the kind of attributes that companies will need in their graduate recruits? What is professionalism and what does it mean to be a professional?Appendix 1 A social media plan to help you get a job. 100 to 150 words

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