Choose an agency (within SF only), a program or service within an agency, or an organization that addresses the needs of elders.

Writer could choose from any of the following as long as its in SF area:Housing:housing available to older adults.IndependentLiving: Housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors.AssistedLiving Facilities: Housing model aimed at elders who need assistance with ADLs and IADLsSkilledNursing Facilities (also called Nursing Homes): Housing for older adults who need medical and nursing care andsupervision.ContinuousCare Retirement Community (CCRC): a multilevel facility offering a range from independent to congregateliving arrangements.Servicesfor Active Healthy Older Adults: ex. Senior and Activity CentersCommunitybased services for frail and homebound elders. These programs are geared toward keeping frail older peoplein their homes.If you need a link from any of the topic above just let me know and I could give the link or websites.Thank youChoose an agency, a program or service within an agency, or an organization that addresses the needs of elders (withinSF area).Write a 4—5 page paper (typed, doublespaced)describing the agency, program, or organization; its personnel (whoworks at the agency); what you think about the resource; and, if available, what others think about it. Students areencouraged to visitagencies or conduct telephone or email interviews with staff, as well as visiting program websites, or viewing programmaterials. For a detailed list of the information requested, check the Community Resources for Elders Grading Sheetbelow.

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