Assignment part B Two levels….business and corporate level Business……… 1 answer below »

Assignment part BTwo levels….business and corporate levelBusiness…… what to produce..good or service how to produce how to distribute B. level strategy…. Effectively managing relationship with customer…who are the people important to you…customer are retailers 88888888888888888Assume that we will fix the problem Find the cause of failure….why only one customer? Product recall, find other retailers immediately Fix the problem of cash first, reduce purchases How to get money to fix problem of liquidation Sell the assets…type of assets, lease them back…..if don’t then can lease back…bank will not give loan but they can buy machine and lend them to us Layout the temporary staff, low cost staff (casual, temporary wit the objective to survive), downsizing, contractors, rellocations Use reserves. Collect debtors Go to creditors….extend credit terms, request to continue trade with us Call in payments…negotiation with payables Trade out…credit for inventory…by giving substantial deal to them, bonus deal Outsourcing of manufacturing Find into the market and other retailers, promotional discounts, sale or return, individual big customers Minimize burn out, cash out and increase cash in Lost customer, confidence of retailers, distributers….check report…if true….find reason (technical or PR plan) and solution Break down the strategy into immediate and long term for futureOnce stable then what to do, how to grow business furtherPrivacy issues…….relating to have action camers, putting in cameras..may affect privay of others

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