Analyze the impact of economic, demographic and technological forces on health care delivery, and the concerns relating to ethical, legal, and social issues that influence nursing practice. Reflection Artifact

For your portfolio contribution, please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the bachelor’s/master’s level nursing competency/ies listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of 1000 words describing how this course has helped you achieve these outcomes.Welcome to your course in the School of Nursing at Aspen University! This course will build on your previous informatics courses to problem-solve complex nursing informatics problems. Issues that we will address include interoperability, integration, health information exchange, quality, meaningful use, electronic health records, education, underserved populations, public health and evidence-based practice.Being Successful: The most critical strategy for being successful in an online course is to have a clear plan about how you will manage your time on a weekly basis. Most module assignments will be due each week, so this requires that you create a daily schedule for how you will approach the weekly tasks in each module. Please review this website for some tips on how to be successful in online classes: Below is an example of how you could organize your daily schedule to address the module tasks each week.Tuesday: Review assignment descriptions for this week; Begin reading textbook and supplemental resources; Determine additional requirements for assignments (e.g., interviewing individuals, acquiring school related documents, observing others, etc.); Review the rubric for grading the assignments, if available.Wednesday: Brainstorm and create outline for assignments based on assignments requirements; Identify needed resources; Continue reading textbook and supplemental resources.Thursday: Create a substantive discussion posting, based on evidence-based research and post it according to the instructions in your course room. Finish reading textbook and supplemental resources; Start rough draft of assignments based on outline you created.Friday: Continue writing; Support your claims with references, as needed.Saturday: Finish rough drafts; Check to make sure assignments address ALL the components of the assignments description; Compare your draft to the criteria in the assignment rubric, if available.Sunday: Start final drafts; Edit and revise rough drafts; Polish ideas and focus on organization, flow, and transition of ideas; Strengthen support for your ideas by providing solid citations. Finish virtual assignments, if assigned that week.Monday: Review final drafts; Focus on mechanics, APA formatting details, spelling, grammar, etc.; Double-check that the assignments address ALL the components required of the assignments description; Submit assignments to instructor.

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